painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

House Painting – a Gorgeous Gift for Different Occasions

Painting is the art of applying color, paints or any other medium to a support base or a solid surface. And as a way of decoration, paintings that with a wide range of media and styles have become more and more popular because they can apply in every house in a different style, so painting is a good gift and a house portrait is one of the special and unique gifts. What Medium Can We Choose for a House Painting? There are different types of paints, [...]

Customize a Portrait Gift for Christmas Holiday

The day that everyone waits for a year is finally upon us. On 25th December of this year, people will get busy in celebrating the joy of Christmas. One thing that is important at Christmas is to share the happiness with your loved ones through thoughtful gifts. If you want the people around you to know how important they are for you and how thankful you are to them, then a meaningful gift is necessary. Give Your Loved Ones a [...]

Painting Portrait Gifts for Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday in November of every year, families around the United States come together for the preparation of a nourishing meal that has one thing for sure — Turkey. Families eat, spend quality time together and reflect on what they are grateful. It is unequivocally one of the most special days of the year when the memories that arise from the gathering of the whole family are cherished for years to come. Giving thoughtful gifts to your loved ones [...]

Sweet Portrait Gifts for Couples

When anniversary comes, choosing a unique gift for your beloved one can be a difficult thing to do. Luckily, a new impressive idea of giving a painting present turned from a cherished photo has come into being these days. More and more people have become fascinated by the idea of giving a couple portrait painting to the other one. Now, the best part is that portrait painting can be used to recreate moments, people, and places. In essence, you can [...]

Pet Portrait, the Everlasting Memory for Your Pet

Pet portrait is one of the main gentres of portrait painting, especially on Portrait Gift Online Store. Nowadays, many lovers of pets have relied on this art piece to express their love for pets. It’s the best way to create a lasting memory of your lovely pet. Pet lovers know the value of giving their pets gifts of themselves on an excellent surface. In this article, we’ll discuss what a pet painting means and other nitty-gritty relating to animal portraits. What is a Pet Portrait? A [...]