painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

Sweet Portrait Gifts for Couples

Sweet Portrait Gifts for Couples

When anniversary comes, choosing a unique gift for your beloved one can be a difficult thing to do. Luckily, a new impressive idea of giving a painting present turned from a cherished photo has come into being these days. More and more people have become fascinated by the idea of giving a couple portrait painting to the other one.

Now, the best part is that portrait painting can be used to recreate moments, people, and places. In essence, you can choose a watercolor or oil painting medium for the couple portrait for your friends who just got married.

This article will take you through the value of couple paintings and the best media and their distinct qualities. Besides, we’ll consider the types of photos which can be made into a couple portrait paintings.

Happy Lovely Couple

Choice of Media for Portrait Gifts for Couples

Every artist has unique ideas for making memories linger and recreating people through art. Regarding portrait painting, couple portraits are often designed based on the interest of the couple or the individual presenting the gift. Of course, the popular media include Oil painting, Watercolor, Pencil sketch, and several others.

For one, all of these portrait painting media possess individual qualities which distinguish them from others. Besides, your preference regarding colors, style, and appearance determines the medium which you pick.

Many artists and customers generally prefer couple painting in oil portrait painting because of the originality associated with it. Couple portrait paintings may serve the purpose of bringing old pictures back to life or reliving old moments.

By the way, when you choose a portrait gift for a couple, it doesn’t have to be about old photos. Oil painting is generally excellent for duplicating wedding pictures, adventure shots, and other happy moments.

If you’re a couple looking for a painting that captures your reality using black and white, then pencil sketch painting is just ideal. Not only does it bring out the personal details of your photo, but it gives it an antique look which art lovers always cherish.

On the other hand, watercolor portrait painting for couples is great for celebrating the uniqueness of hand-painted artworks and brightening your photo. Plus, the wonder of the colors creates a youthful and lasting impression that makes your wedding day or any other event memorable.

No doubt, there are other forms of portrait painting which make couple portrait a remarkable way to celebrate love. Nonetheless, these three media dominate the couple portrait painting space.

Now, let’s take you through the possible photos you can select for your painting.

Wedding Photo Depicted by Pencil Sketch

Kinds of Photos Used for Couple Portrait Paintings

So, you’re probably wondering how the couple painting works. In the real sense, most expert artists require that you send your photo via email with a specification of your medium.

Below are some photos or moments which can be captured and created into couple portraits:

  • Wedding day (First dance, for example)
  • Engagement moments
  • Event for renewing wedding vows
  • Time at the beach with your pet
  • Tour across the world
  • Couple’s visit to a resort or island
  • Couple at sea
  • Arrival of newborn
  • Framed picture taken many years ago
  • And more!

It’s all up to you to decide what photos you would like to be painted. Whether this is for you or a gift for a couple you know, it’s important that you choose a photo which speaks volumes.

When your photo tells a story (a sweet one at that), it becomes pretty easy for the painting to retell the story and make it even better.

Senior Couple Portrait

How to Choose Your Portrait Gift for Couple

For us at Portrait Gift Art Store, we make it easy for you to place an order. Since our paintings are usually ready in 15 days, you don’t have to wait for a long time before receiving your gift.

Just select your preferred art medium and send the photo you would like us to reproduce. We always recommend oil painting when our customers are uncertain of what would work. Your email is also essential for sending you the final painting in high-resolution quality.

In all, payment is easy and safe, and the refund is guaranteed in case of damage to packaging during delivery.

Are you interested in creating a portrait gift for a couple? Welcome to share your thoughts with us.

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