painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

Customize a Portrait Gift for Christmas Holiday

Customize a Portrait Gift for Christmas Holiday

The day that everyone waits for a year is finally upon us. On 25th December of this year, people will get busy in celebrating the joy of Christmas. One thing that is important at Christmas is to share the happiness with your loved ones through thoughtful gifts. If you want the people around you to know how important they are for you and how thankful you are to them, then a meaningful gift is necessary.

Give Your Loved Ones a Meaningful Gift This Christmas

Giving someone a gift is not just a courteous thing to do; it is a way of letting them know that you care about them and you know what things they like. You need to be very prudent when giving someone a gift. What if they don’t find it very useful or likable? These are the things that should be in one’s mind when he/she is trying to buy a gift. Because no matter what, the people you love always deserve the best from you and it is Christmas, there is no other day better than to give a gift to your loved ones except their birthdays. So you need to make sure that you get something special for that special person and the good news is that nothing can go wrong with a beautifully hand-painted portrait of them. You can send any of their photos to Portrait Gift Art Store and surprise them with this unexpected beautiful painting.

Brother & Sister

Get a Lovely Portrait for Your Lovely Girlfriend or Wife

The person who stays with you in good and bad and always loves you is your loyal girlfriend or your wife. You need to show them how much you care for them and how much love and respect you have for them through something that is self-expressive. And what is better than painting when it comes to self-expression? A perfect portrait into the medium of your choice which can be an oil painting, watercolor, pencil sketch and so on will capture the beautiful face of your girlfriend or wife in a frame that they can use to decorate the wall. You can also use a photo which shows the sweet or happy time you two spent together such as the photo taken at your vacation or playtime on the beach on a weekend, and a simple photo can be turned into a very meaningful and great painting.

Lady in the Wind

Relish Last Year’s Christmas This Year

Remember that memorable family photograph you took last Christmas? Well, you can get it turned into a beautiful portrait painting which you can gift to all of the family members so they can always have that wonderful memory with them. It is not only the most relevant gift for this year’s Christmas, but it will be cherished forever, and all family members will appreciate for this thoughtful gift. Christmas family photo contains many persons in the image, and in order to capture the happy feeling with those colors, it is better to choose a family oil painting and select a big size, which will be more room for happy facial expressions and color details.

Rebecca’s Family

Turn Your House Photo into a Pencil Sketch

Everyone loves their house, and it is love what makes it a home. So why not spread love to all of the occupants of your home through a beautifully painted pencil sketch of the house you live in? You can hang it somewhere all of you can see and be thankful for having a beautiful home. You can also gift this painting to the person who sold you this beautiful house or the person whom you are selling your house. This is not only relevant but a very thoughtful gift for them. It will be a pleasant memory that they can cherish for a long time.

Sweet Home Pencil Sketch

Show Love to Your Pets

Your cat or dog is always there for you even when no human is around. They grow closer to you and make every effort in keeping you happy. And by putting effort to put a smile on your face, in their way, they are saying thank you for being there with them. Don’t you want to thank them back? If you do, we suggest you should immediately capture a photograph of them and have it made into a colorful watercolor. This will be your way of saying thank you to your pets and no matter where they go in the future, and you will have them to stay with you forever.

Watercolor Dog Pepper Portrait

Surprise the Newly Weds

Is there a newlywed couple in your circle? Why not surprise them with an impeccably painting of their wedding day? You can ask them for a photograph of their wedding day, and then you can have it customize in any medium. This will be a hundred times better than an overpriced bottle of Champagne.

Dancing at the Wedding

May you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and you experience memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. We hope that all of you can stay with your loved ones and share the magic and joyful day. And if you want to get your loved ones a perfect gift? You can always contact Portrait Gift Art Store with your photo, and we will do the magic and turn it into a proper medium and send you a beautiful and meaningful painting gift.

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