painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

House Painting – a Gorgeous Gift for Different Occasions

House Painting – a Gorgeous Gift for Different Occasions

Painting is the art of applying color, paints or any other media to a support base or a solid surface. And as a way of decoration, paintings that with a wide range of media and styles have become more and more popular because they can apply in every house in a different style, so painting is a good gift and a house portrait is one of the special and unique gifts.

What Medium Can We Choose for a House Painting?

There are different types of paints, and they are usually identified by the medium through which the pigment is embedded or suspended in. This medium determines the general working characteristics of such paint such as miscibility, solubility, viscosity, drying time, etc.

  1. Oil Painting from House Photo

The oil painting is the process of painting photos with pigments that are mixed with a medium of drying oil such as linseed oil. The oil is often boiled with resin-like frankincense or pine resin which are called varnishes. Oil paint is widely known for its advantages as the principal medium for creating artworks. This is the most popular medium for a house portrait.

House near Beautiful Scenery

  1. Watercolor from House Photo

Watercolor is a type of painting in which the paints are made of water-soluble pigments. Paper is the most common support for watercolor paintings; other supports include bark papers, plastics, papyrus, vellum or leather, fabric, wood, and canvas. Watercolor painting, when added to inks, is known as scroll painting or brush painting in East Asia. Watercolor pencils (also known as water-soluble color pencils) may be used either wet or dry. Our artists have created several hundred house watercolor. There was a customer who ordered 10 watercolor paintings of his old house and sent it to all the family members as a memorial gift.

Framed House Watercolor

  1. Pencil Sketch from House Photo

Pencil drawing is classic thanks to its black-and-white simplicity. Different from oil paintings, artists use accurate fine lines that can be seen on sketch paper. A pencil sketch doesn’t require time to dry but if you want it to be framed, a layer of glass and a well-cut acid-free mat-board will be needed. If you want to have the simplicity of black and white, a simple sketch with the focus of the house without complex background will make a good fit.

Old House Pencil Sketch Drawing

  1. Ink Pen Drawing from House Photo

Ink drawing is a type of art done with a liquid that contains dyes and or pigments. It is used to color a surface to produce a design, an image or a text. Ink is used for drawing with a brush, quill, and pen. Ink can be a complex medium when it composed of pigments, surfactants, particulate matter, dyes, resins, solvents, lubricants, solubilizers, fluorescens, and other materials. These components are there to perform many options like the colorants, ink’s carrier and other additives help to control the thickness and flow of the ink. They also help to control its appearance when dry.

Different Occasions for Giving out a House Portrait Painting

A home portrait, which can be a color sketch, pencil drawing, or painting, can be given as a gift for many different occasions.

  1. Real Estate Closing Gift

This will be a home portrait that is used to expand the pride of ownership in a new home.

  1. Builder’s Gift

A house portrait of a newly completed home would be an excellent way to thank your builder for doing their best in working hard to build your home.

  1. House Warming Gift

A house painted in a piece of artwork would be an exceptional gift that will not be duplicated.

  1. Retirement Gift

You can commemorate a person’s career by giving such a person a portrait of their workplace or business. This portrait will be a gift they will appreciate for life.

  1. Sent-forth Gift

Somebody moving out of a community can be given a painting of the community landmark. This will bring back great memories of the community every time they see it.

  1. Thank-you Gift

You can give out a home portrait to express your thanks to someone when they come to stay with you.

Other occasions are when you move into a new house, or you want to demolish an old house, having a portrait of such a house will always bring back the memory. You can also have a portrait painting of your house in the village when you move to the city and will never forget where you grow.

A Village House Watercolor Painting

Pick up a house photo now, and we will help you bring a house artwork to your life or do gift packing and send it to anyone as a great gift with a sweet greeting card.

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