painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

About Studio

About Studio

Since 1999 in United States

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We have been painting for nearly 20 years! Started as an offline business in United States supplying artworks for high-end global galleries, Portrait-Gift now features a sole gallery studio customizing portraits and fine art for art lovers and gift givers in the world. We work with more than 50 portraitists and professional painters, with more artists joining us each year.

Direct from Sudio

Unlike resellers and online stores who order from suppliers before shipping artworks to you, we are artists ourselves and you order directly from us, which means you save a lot of time and money. Normally it takes 2 weeks for us to finish an artwork full of details.

Top Artists

Artists are our biggest asset. Your ordered artworks will not be assigned to art workers in sweatshops or students who hope to earn some money. Instead, we work with only professional painters who take painting as his or her life career. Many of our artists have been working in the art industry for more than 20 years (yes, a quarter century), aged above 50!

Museum Quality

We don’t make portrait artworks that deliver a first impression but feel cheaper upon longer observation. Instead, we hope each piece ordered from us can be handed down for generations. To achieve this, an artwork needs to be done brushstroke by brushstroke, layer by layer, with subtle shades and colors. On our artists’ side, it means a close understanding of each project, highly developed techniques, and the subtle colors and the right styles.

Artist-Level Materials

We use artist-level eco-friendly materials from oil and paints to frames, linen canvas and watercolor or drawing paper.

For All Art Types

Our versatile artists can work on oil paintings, pencil and charcoal drawings, colored pencil art, scratchboards, watercolors, pen drawings and oil pastels. Need specific mediums for your creative art? No problem. Tell us and it’s very likely our artists can make it work.

Worldwide Free Shipping

We ship globally and the artwork can be delivered straight to your door. We by default offer worldwide free shipping. The price you see is the subtotal you pay, with no need to consider the shipping cost.

We use only renowned courier services. All orders are offered a tracking code.
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