painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

Pet Portrait, the Everlasting Memory for Your Pet

Pet Portrait, the Everlasting Memory for Your Pet

Pet portrait is one of the main gentres of portrait painting, especially on Portrait Gift Online Store. Nowadays, many lovers of pets have relied on this art piece to express their love for pets. It’s the best way to create a lasting memory of your lovely pet. Pet lovers know the value of giving their pets gifts of themselves on an excellent surface.

In this article, we’ll discuss what a pet painting means and other nitty-gritty relating to animal portraits.

What is a Pet Portrait?

A pet portrait is an artwork customized from a pet photo which celebrates your pet and keeps those remarkable memories in mind or brings it to live forever. You can choose a photo of your pet you love. Then the artist will turn it to an amazing portrait artwork by hand.

In many homes around the world, you’d find cats and dogs, and these animals express love just as human beings do. These four-legged creatures have won the heart of many artists who therefore create a portrait of these pets with or without their owners.

Many pet portraitists venture into this form of a painting by accident. The beautiful part of this drawing is that it attracts people to your social media profile whenever you upload such portrait there. Besides, these portraits are focused on representing the personality of the dog or cat alongside their images.

In essence, a perfect way to remember your pet is to request a custom pet portrait that takes note of your interests as well as those of your furry babies.

Additionally, these portraits can present the animals in any form – in a human way, leaning on their owners or merely staring into space.

Little Dog Oil Portrait

What Medium is Best for Pet Portrait?

Oil painting remains the best medium for a pet portrait. Even though pencil sketch, colored pencils, and watercolor will be ordered by some customers from Portrai Gift Online Store, oil painting which is closer to the reality is their most favorable choice.

It often presents your pet in a simple or pure color background which makes the oil on canvas option the best way to go and the focus will be on your pet. Besides, oil painting is generally realistic, and your dog or pet may recognize himself in it.

With oil, artists can conveniently capture their expressions and present its long fur and strong looks.

Nonetheless, the medium is as important as the artist. Using different medium, you will get very a portrait in a very different style. For example, soft pastel art provides smooth tones while scratchboard art works perfectly to those extremely furry pet.

In all, the top 5 common media are as follows:

Oil & Acrylic

Pencil Sketch

Colored Pencil



Dog Pencil Drawing Portrait

How to Choose Your Pet Portrait Style

If you prefer to bring your pet to life, a realistic style is what you need. However, it’s also possible to stick with something from the modern or impressionist culture. Some customers will choose the funniest and bravest photo of their pets to be turned into a pop style.

Overall, your personality as a pet parent can help you determine the style you want for a cat portrait or a dog portrait.

Cat with Van Gogh Starry Night Background

When People Buy Pet Portraits

One of the reasons why people buy pet portrait paintings is to keep the memory of their dead furry friend. Liz was out of the house one day for only a few hours. However, when she returned home, Molly had fallen into the pool and drowned. The best way to get over the loss was to get a custom pet portrait that reminded her of how vibrant and happy Molly had been.

You could also get a pet portrait as a surprise for a friend who loves pets. Or make one as your pet birthday gift.

When deciding to purchase a pet portrait, you should find a reliable online gallery with professional designs and artists. Good designs can make your pet photo more clear and exciting while talented artists can make the nice picture become a terrific painting.

Staring Cat

Portrait Gift makes it easy for you to buy any stylish pet portrait and deliver it to you within the promised time. We are your one-stop art store for custom handmade pet portraits which can make a special gift to your cherished pet. You only need to place an order on our website, choosing a size, uploading photos and selecting a frame. After about two weeks, you will receive a preview of finished art by email. You will only receive the artwork you have previewed and approved. If not satisfied, we provide free revision service and 30-day money back guarantee.

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