painting process by artists
painting process by artists
painting process by artists

How to Customize Portraits from Photos on Portrait Gift Art Store?

How to Customize Portraits from Photos on Portrait Gift Art Store?

Nowadays, much more importance has been attached to personality, so custom things are becoming more and more popular, e.g. customizing portrait from photo, one of the best ways to make a painting looking interesting. Customize a painting portrait from photo is a type of artwork that is unique and different from anyone else’s and adds a new path, depth, and dimension to the real photo. Those who are purchasing a customized painting are using it to express their personality. Since it is “custom”, there are millions of options to choose from and the only thing that limits your choice is your imagination.

On Portrait Gift Art Store, anyone can approach the artist and request for any art – It can be an oil painting, pencil sketch, watercolor, scratchboard and so on. You can upload an already taken photo or a description, and the artist will then use his imagination to surprise you before start painting. No matter what request you have, our professional artists will try their best to make it come true.

Visit our website here and follow the descriptions below to order for a custom painting. The site is easy for use. You can browse through the website to see some of our recent  portrait samples including pencil sketch portraits, watercolor portraits, and portraits in other kinds of media as shown by the sample photos.

Dancing at the Wedding

How to Customize a Painting from Your Photo on Portrait Gift Art Store?

Click “ORDER NOW!” on the top menu and choose a medium for your painting. There are oil painting, pencil sketch, scratchboard art, watercolor, colored pencil drawing, pen drawing, and pastel art for your options.

Step 1 – Upload Photos

There are three simple ways to finish this step: Uploading the image from your computer directly; emailing the photos to; providing us the link of the photo. The photo should be less than 5MB, and the format can be JPG, PNG, GIF, or other types. You can also enjoy $10 off by allowing us to share your finished art as a sample.

Step 2 – Art Size & Background

Select the size and style requirements. Here you need to choose the number of subjects in your photo, and then select the size you want. As for the art background, please feel free to choose the one you want. If you prefer “Depends on Artist”, we will design a draft and confirm with you first before start this art project.

Step 3 – Frame Art

We have a collection of frames which are specially matched for customized portrait from photos. Wooden frames are the top choice. If you do not need a frame, we can do the painting only or simply stretch it on a wooden structure.

Step 4 – Packaging

There are two packaging options here, free ordinary packaging and gift packaging. If you send the painting as a gift,  we recommend gift packing, and it takes only $15. Last, do not forget to enter a valid email address where we will send you a preview photo of the finished art to ask for your opinions.

Step 5 – Finish Payment

When you are through with the whole process, click “submit order” button to start the payment process. You can pay via your credit card directly or PayPal.

The painting process will take about 2 weeks, and you will receive a high resolution photo of the finished art. If you are happy with it, it will be soon delivered to your door with zero shipping fee.

If you want to skip from all these steps, you can try “contact us” to communicate via email directly with your photo and requirements. We can make it done by sending your a PayPal invoice after all being confirmed.

 Lady Portrait Interpreted by Pop Art

Why Order from Portrait Gift Art Store?

  1. High quality linen canvas, eco-friendly oil and wooden frames
  2. Professional Artists with over 20-year experience in painting
  3. We guarantee:

Art Finished within 15 Days

100% Hand-painted

Check Photos before Shipment

Worldwide Free Shipping, 4-10 Days

Happy or Refund 30 Days upon Receipt

Contact us right now to own your customized painting gift.

Dog Realistic Oil Portrait

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