Project Description

Photo to Watercolor Fine Art Request: “This is a birthday present for my Wife, Sue. These are our 2 littles (our 4th and 5th daughters). Alleigh, the older in the picture was our oops and drastically changed our trajectory in life, for the better. Unbeknownst to us before birth, Alleigh (MacKenzie) was born without her left hand, which challenged our awareness greatly. Willa (Rain) is our only peach child (as opposed to our pink/purple girls). We are at a completely different place in life with her (an infant) than we’ve ever from the first. She completes her sisters; and she completes Sue and I. I feel this picture captures their: spirit, light, personalities, innocence, and connection/ special bond. I’m really excited to see it in water color.-Andrew AshtonPhoto to Watercolor Fine Art Request:”